Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Find A "Moving On" Group

Find A "Moving On" Group

Welcome Friend! Congratulations on your move and welcome to your new community!

Since 1995, thousands of women have benefited from our 'Moving On After Moving In' classes -- women like you who have relocated and are going through the loss and loneliness created by a move.

"This move has been more difficult than I ever imagined. The class has been like a refreshing drink of water to me." - Nebraska Newcomer, Nicole

You Are Not Alone!
Studies show that moving is among the top stressors experienced by individuals. For women especially, relocation can be a traumatic event.

"My emotions were in one place and my mind was in another place. I knew truth. I knew God was in control. I knew all those things. When I went to class, my feelings and emotions were validated. The class helped me to work through those feelings and kept me focused on Christ." - Iowa Newcomer, Helen

Take That Next Step!
Our Class Location Directory is a valuable FREE resource that is updated regularly. Please take a moment to locate a 'Moving On' class being offered in your area.

"If I had know about this class years ago, I am sure I could have handled all those previous moves much better than I did." - Texas Newcomer, Mary

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A Moving On After Moving In NEWcomer's class will...

Encourage you...
This is the place to be when you are new in town! Our Christ-centered study will help you in the process of letting go, starting over and moving ahead with your life after the transition of a move.

Embrace you...
This class is an outreach ministry to all women in a "moving transition." It is a place to belong for those who still feel uprooted and disconnected. This is a one-semester class designed to enfold, support, and encourage women who have recently moved.

Enable you...
This class enables new women to grow strong and deep in their relationship with Christ as they establish new roots in their community and church.

Equip you...
A powerful, hands-on resource and class on how to grow spiritually during a time of incredible transition, as well as where to find the courage to put down roots all over again.

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