Sunday, April 13, 2008

Contribute to the Just Moved! Blog

We need YOUR input and contributions to the Just Moved! Blog. Email us your moving stories, testimonies from your Moving On Class, pictures and anything else you think would be an encouragement and support to our readers.

Your entries will be reviewed by our blog manager and posted after approval. Just Moved! reserves the right to use any submissions, in part or in whole, in future print, Web publications and on radio broadcasts. We do not pay for submissions.

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Thank you!


  1. I would love to win the scripture flip book so that I can keep it in my bedside table and always be able to find hope and inspiration.

  2. I hope that I am able to win the scripture flip book. I have a friend that is moving and would like to give her this gift to help and encourage her during this time of transition and adjustment to a new community.

  3. Wow, am I ever late, but better late then sorry! :) I found out about this great study the long way around but when I found out about it, I knew I had found the answer to everyone who moves! I had moved away from 50 years of friends, family, etc and it was like a death. Thanks for being their to help others. I would like to share this with someone who is up in years who is moving so they know they have someone who cares about them on this earth! Lois - Maine

  4. I'm so pleased to find this site just in time by God's grace! I earnestly pray that I could have this gift book as I'm living alone in a foreign place, far from my family, and overwhelmed easily with depression and anxiety. This book would definitely help me out and to share with those of the same situation since I have a dear friend who's moving to China later this year.