Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Military Devotional

Here I am again, Lord...
by Becky Bolduc, regular Just Moved! website contributor and wife of a Marine
In everything you do put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success. Proverbs 3:6
In “our career” in the military we move so often that school can become a thing to dread for children who abhor change, and are painfully shy. I have struggled to find an answer to this for my Matthew who is both.
In the conversations I have been having with God the past few years regarding my sons it goes something like this: “Becky, are we here AGAIN to discuss this AGAIN! Why, if you keep coming to me, will you not let me have the situation?”
“Well you see God, I know I said last time I was going to listen and let you truly have the control of their lives and do what you want, BUT...”
“But what? You think I can’t handle a couple of boys...”
“Well yes but....”
“You HAVE to stop taking them back the second you walk away from our conversations. DO I have to show you AGAIN how much I love you and them?”
“Maybe just once more.” Here I always imagine God sighing, as every parent does with a willful and disobedient child and with His benevolence and grace proves to me one more time he loves my boys MORE than I do. He also has been showing me HIS plan is infinitely better than anything I could cook up.
God knew a year ago that pulling my son out of school would be one of the scariest things I would ever do. I knew I could teach, but not MY own kid. It has been a blessing of time spent getting to know Matthew as I wouldn’t have normally. God gives me the strength to stand up to people who question the wisdom of our decision. We can move and Matthew may have to learn a new town, new friends, and new activities but he will NOT have to go through the constant change of schools with their differing tests and policies. I also do not have to try and convince each new school that my son would behave in school if only they would give him a challenge. God has given me the chance to ease the transitions that, while unavoidable in the military, are so very hard on the sensitive child like my son. A child that hated math and loathed (his word not mine) school now goes and does his work each day with no fight. The same child is currently writing his first novel and many original songs as part of his schooling.
God knew I would use my educational training at home this year before I ever selected education as a career, and has given us, through my husband’s job, the ability for me to stay at home and teach. As I face the testing process with my youngest, who is far more Semper Gumby than my oldest, I am reassured I did the right thing. I thank God each day for pushing me to do this, and apologize to Him for ignoring Him for so long.

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