Friday, May 28, 2010

From Our Mailbox May 2010

There must be others like us...

Even though I moved within the last 9 months, I've given Susan's book (Moving On After Moving In) to 4 people in my new town already. The book helped me tremendously to overcome the grief and loss I was feeling, and I love to share the truth in it with others that I meet!

I am actually thinking about co-leading this with another dear friend who just moved to this area. She was the first person I shared the book with and, since then, we have both said that if we felt this way, it is likely that others who have just moved would benefit from this kind of group--especially in Iowa City. Our town is built around the University of Iowa, so people move in for a few years for residency and then are uprooted to a new place, so there are just a whole lot of disconnected women roaming around! It seems like God has brought them to me during the last few months. We are excited to start this.
Kelsey in Iowa
On April 27, 2010, Susan Miller spoke to the women of Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Read some of their comments left on the Just Moved Facebookpage.
Thank you for your sweet demeanor and for always pointing us to Jesus...such a wonderful time of learning and refreshing...
...found you such a blessing ... God used you mightily. I am sure I will enjoy the books. I so admire your strength!
It was such a blessing to have you with us this weekend. Thank you so very much for all that you shared and taught us. You have been and will continue to be a blessing for the Ft. Huachuca women no matter where we move to.
Wonderful, "precious" Susan (I've always loved that word and use it a lot, too)...You are the hands and feet Jesus, shining His light in this dark world. Thank you, thank you, thank you for serving the women of Fort Huachuca PWOC this weekend. Your messages were profound, uplifting, encouraging, and motivating! I love you, my dear sister! Feel a road trip comin' on...
Thank you for coming to Tucson for our Fort Huachuca Retreat! You leave a pleasing aroma of Christ everywhere you are!!
I love you Susan!!! Thank you for the best retreat EVER!!! HUGS XOXO

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