Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Moving Story

I am walking behind Jesus

Cathie in Alberta, Canada

I have just moved for the 20th time in 11 years and will be moving again in mid-October. I will be house-sitting for the next 6 months so travelling with suitcases and boxes. My life sure does have a number of twists and turns.

I was looking at some comments on your website and the following *prayer applies to my life right now...

Thank you, God, for the opportunities this move will bring.
It is a comfort to know that you have gone before me and prepared this place for me.
I am excited about my new beginnings; yet I am fearful about the unknown.
Calm my fear, Lord. Help me to put my expectations in you and not in people or places.
I give you the glory for the great things you will do through this transition in my life.
Above all, Lord, use this move to draw me closer to you.

The following comment was also made ...

God is good and he has great plans for your life and for my life. Sometimes the plans may seem a little unorthodox to others (I relate very well to this statement - Cathie), but in the grand scheme of things it will always work out. I believe it because God said it. (I believe that and have experienced it and AM experiencing it right now - Cathie)

At the moment I am doing a one-month fasting and praying because there are so many variables in my life right now and I have no stability in anything, except my relationship with Jesus Christ. So from a human perspective I am sometimes feeling like I can't breathe but then I just keep putting my trust in Jesus. The image that comes to mind, for my life right now, is that I am walking right behind Jesus. All I am doing is concentrating on His feet as He walks in front of me, sweeping a path so I can follow. I cannot see in front of him because there is no path, so I just keep watching His feet and walking in His steps.

I really am SO keen on Just Moved and feel I can relate so much. I am trusting the Lord to give me better insight in this month of fasting and praying as to what He wants me to do. If there is any ‘ministry' I would like to be involved with, it would be Just Moved.

*(Editor's note: Cathie is referring to the Quiet Reflections portion of our website.)

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