Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Just Moved Community

The Just Moved Community is ready to welcome you!

Join now!

The Just Moved Community grew out of a vision to help women around the world who have recently moved to find the connection that they long for. The Just Moved Community will help to give you the courage to start over, move ahead, and put down roots all over again.

More women are joining every day. Here's what one woman wrote after joining:

I was unsure about joining the Community, but now I see that this is a real community of people that truly care. I thank you so much for taking out the time to call and send me an email it made me feel like someone actually cares about the transition I am about to embark on.

Joining the Just Moved Community is FREE
Here are the benefits that you'll enjoy as a member of the Just Moved Community:

A FREE copy of the New Neighbor's Pocket Guide, available exclusively through Just Moved Ministry. This 40-page booklet is filled with encouragement, tips, insights, scripture, and prayers for the entire process of a move. Written by Susan Miller.

A personal welcome from someone who cares at Just Moved Ministry. We encourage you to register a phone number to receive a one-time call of welcome and for you to share any prayer requests.

The Bloom newsletter sent directly to your home.

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about letting go, starting over, and moving ahead with your life after a move

Free download of all 22 Just Moved radio broadcasts.

Access to the Just Moved Library -- a wealth of encouragement and devotions, moving tips, and moving stories.

Prayer Support from the Just Moved Prayer Team.

Go to to learn more!

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