Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heart Talk

August 2011

Dear Friends,

This is the time when moms and kids are heading for the school supplies aisle, stocking up on the things needed to prepare for school starting. As I watched them standing in line at the checkout counter with everything from backpacks to blue folders, my mind began to think outside the backpack to the "school supplies" we would need as we prepare to learn more about Jesus!

I do hope that all of you are planning to go back to school in the fall by enrolling in a Bible study, either at your church or a church in your area. It might even be a home study with a group of friends or a neighborhood group. If you are new to your community, consider starting a Moving On After Moving In small group in your home. What a great way to make new friends!

I encourage you to check it out now! We all need to reconnect after the disconnect of summer. We all need to get back to Jesus! (Make every effort to come to me soon.... 2 Timothy 4:9)

Here are a few "school supplies" you might need and suggestions for how to use them:

Bible (with a concordance to help you find verses)
Your instruction book for how to live life.

Paper (or notebook)
For notes and prayer requests, for scripture and remembrances of what you've learned.

Pen (or pencil)
To record your lessons in your mind and in your heart.

Super Glue (recommended)
To bond you with God's word.

Scissors (really sharp)
To cut out any thoughts or ways that would not honor or bring glory to God.

Folders (with pockets)
Tuck in handouts, keepsakes and lessons to enfold into your life.

Crayons (or colored pens)
To remind you of the many choices you have to color your day.

Ruler (yardstick recommended)
To measure your growth-in Jesus!

Apple (a really big one!)
God's provision and nourishment to share with others in friendship and fellowship.

May God lead you to a Bible study that will bless you and take you to a deeper knowledge and love for Him.

Please e-mail me at susanmiller@justmoved.org about what you learn in class this fall!

From My Heart to Yours,

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