Saturday, April 30, 2011

Moving Makeover

weddingAlmost two years ago my son got married (I love my DIL!) and I was only months away from a significant birthday... the big 5-0. As the mother of the groom I wanted to look my best for the big day (and for all those pictures that would not only be in a lovely photo album, but would end up plastered everywhere online!) and the skin care and cosmetics I had been using were out of step with my aging skin. This month I'm sharing a few tips that made a big difference for me.

Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or just need a fresh look, here are some ideas to get you started.

•Invest in a consultation with a skin care and makeup expert (you can find this in one person). I inherited extreme frugality from my mother, for which I'm thankful, but it was time to stop using random makeup samples, playing Russian roulette with over-the-counter products, and trying tips from magazines that weren't realistic for me. The consultant informed me of my skin tone and the products that work best with my skin. She showed me how to play up my good qualities and tone down the bad ones. This turned out to be one of the best investments I've ever made!

•Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Getting rid of the dull, dead skin cells will add a healthier glow to your skin. I keep exfoliating cream and a hand-held, battery operated exfoliation device in the shower. It has a brush that spins round and round to gently slough off the dead skin cells. My face looks and feels so much better!

•My new, indispensable cosmetics? Face powder and bronzing powder. After applying my makeup, I brush on face powder that is the same color as my foundation. Then I follow up with the bronzing powder. I use a light touch so that I don't look like George Hamilton (remember him?) and I brush a little on my neck and chest. Later in the day or before I go out for the evening, I retouch with the powders and I'm good to go!


•This next tip is for those of you who have straight hair like me. You've heard about back-combing (teasing) to add a little height or volume. My friend who cuts my hair put me on to the best tool for this. This many-toothed comb works great and can be purchased at any beauty supply. (The picture doesn't do a good job of showing you that there are THREE rows of teeth.)

•Ok. One more tip when you want an easy change from your straight, long hair. After washing your hair, while it is still very damp, tie it in a knot on top of your head and let it dry. I do this before I go to bed at night. In the morning I use a hair pick to gently smooth over the bed-head look and the ends of my hair are fun and kinky. This technique saves time in the morning and gets me in touch with my inner hippy.

•Finally, don't be afraid to ask questions of other women whose appearance you admire. I found that the eye shadows that I had tried would fade and become a murky mess after only an hour! When I met a woman whose eye shadow looked great, I would ask her what she was using. I got some helpful information, she was glad to be complimented, and we had something to talk about!

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-Ann Kelley

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