Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monthly Challenge- Jan 2011

People who focus on joy, who look at life through its lens, and who express joy in all their dealings and relationships have a more satisfying life. - Karen O'Connor
Let Go: What brings you joy?

Start Today: Don't miss the joy of this day by trying to figure out what's coming next.

Move Forward: Whatever unknowns are ahead this year, I trust God to be with me.

December 2010

Let Go: What were your expectations for this move? Have you been disappointed?

Start Over: No one expected God to come to earth as a helpless baby. God works in ways that are unexpected for a plan that is too wonderful.

Move forward: Write down the expectations you had for this transition that you are in. Destroy the list that you made to symbolize that it no longer has power over you. Write down a new expectation: that each day God will reveal more of Himself and His plan for you.

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