Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heart Notes from Susan

Dear Moving Friends,

It's Monday morning, the first week of the New Year, and I find myself moving slowly, just trying to get my thoughts together for the day. Because of the holidays I'm out of the rhythm of my normal routine, and a little overwhelmed with a long to-do list demanding my attention between home and office. I'm waiting on a service man to show up for some home maintenance so I can get to the Just Moved office--when the phone rings. Although I don't recognize the number on caller ID, the name is all too familiar.

"Susan, it's Elaine! Happy New Year darlin', how are you?" I smile from ear to ear just hearing her unforgettable voice and feeling the warmth of her love over the phone. I've known Elaine since I was in college. She lived across the street from my mom and dad in Florida, and was my mom's best friend for what seemed like forever. She was an intricate part of my family's daily life. I wore Elaine's wedding dress when I married Bill, she celebrated the birth of my children, she tucked me in her bed the night my mom died, and grieved with me when Bill died.

Elaine and mom celebrated any and every holiday, with great zest and enthusiasm-- especially the 4th of July. The tradition was always a sheet cake decorated like a red, white, and blue flag with little toothpick flags on top; a red, white, and blue paper tablecloth for the picnic table in her back yard, with matching red, white, and blue paper plates and napkins. Red jello salad with cool whip was the first thing on our plates. We always wore the same stars and stripes head bands and matching red t-shirts for pictures, which I still have. Sparklers glittered at dusk dark as we waved them in the air, as if we could, at that moment and time, sparkle the world with our laughter.

Elaine is now 81 years old, and lives alone--but has lots of friends, as you can imagine. I haven't seen her in years, but I call her a couple of times during the year, and she always calls me at Christmas. This year she didn't call-until this morning. Perfect timing to get me back on track. Her words not only encourage me, but help to put my life in perspective for the day, and even for the New Year. Her life has been tested with pain and heartaches over the years, but she stands unwavering in her faith, and leans on the everlasting arms of Jesus each day. She shares how every day when she awakes she says, "Good morning God, I can't handle today alone, so I'm depending on you to help me." Then she says, "Susan, I don't know how people live every day without God. I talk to Him all day long. I couldn't have gotten through the death of family and friends, health problems, and hard times without Him."

Do I know this in my head and heart? Yes, and I hope you do too. Do we need to hear it again (and again) from people God puts in our path, at just the right moment, when we need it the most? Yes, we do. Let me be your "Elaine" today, as I remind you that God will never leave you, or forsake you in the New Year. Greet Him every morning and give Him your day. Talk to Him all day long. Depend on Him to meet your needs, through the good times, and the hard times, as you face this year. Then, perhaps when we are 81 years old, we can share the wisdom of our years with God to encourage someone-like me, or you.

From My Heart to Yours,
Susan Miller

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