Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving Story- June 2010

This month we’re sharing the Moving Story of a Moving On After Moving Inclass leader in Utah. Michelle played a unique role in the class: not only was she helping to lead the class, she was a new mover herself...

Michelle in Utah

As the class was letting go, I was letting go...

When I first was asked to help lead the [Moving On After Moving In] class, I was a little nervous. I have a teaching degree in elementary education, and have worked for In-N-Out Burger (mostly as a trainer) for almost 17 years, so I knew that teaching a class would not be the main challenge for me. But what I did think was, "What do I have to offer anyone about moving?" I said this to myself because I had never moved before.
I was born and raised in Nevada, and hadn't budged until October 10, 2009. That is when we moved to Utah. But, as I was beginning to assist in the class and starting to take on some of the responsibility myself, I learned that maybe I could help some of these women get through some of their struggles. I was able to do that because I was going through the struggles myself. I had lost some of my own identity in the move. So, how am I working to get through that? I was able to share those things and get some great advice from some of the ladies who had already struggled through it. I realized, just as Susan Miller says in one of the videos, that I was in the trenches with the ladies. I was able to help, as well as be helped.
As the class was letting go, I was letting go. As the class was starting over, so was I. And as I helped the class move forward, I was in the process of moving forward myself. This class forced me to reach out beyond my comfort zone, and take the first step, make the first phone call, offer love and support to a wonderful group of women that,11 weeks ago, I hardly knew. Moving to a new city for the very first time in my life, I would have never taken those steps. I would have just driven in my garage and shut the garage door while shutting out the rest of the neighborhood, the new friends that I would not have made, and essentially the rest of my new Utah world. I would still be clinging to everything that I left in Las Vegas, instead of cherishing it.
I honestly had no idea how much this class could change the lives of women who feel pain from their losses, sometimes even feeling hopeless, that it may never get better. I believe that there is now hope. I believe that we are now moving forward, with the help of Just Moved Ministry. I thank Susan Miller for going through these moving experiences first, and sharing her story and her life with us, as well as her deep faith in Jesus. I want to acknowledge In-N-Out Burger for allowing us the resources to be able to have this class, and for caring about the people who work for the company so much. I truly know what an extraordinary company that I work for. I also thank the class leader for inviting me to join her on this journey. I have made a lifelong friend in her. And to the ladies that I spent my Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings with, I am so grateful for the special time that we have been able to share with each other. I am truly blessed to have been a part of this class.

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