Sunday, August 9, 2009

From Our Mailbox Aug 2009

When a move goes on and on and on...
I have not moved in 6 years but I still feel like I am moving because I still am going through storage and other things from many moves. I have moved so many times in my life, that is why I am connected to this ministry.
Dana in California
(JM – We remember when you were considering a move to Colorado, Dana! You have so much to offer this ministry and other movers – we love that you are a part of our Community! No move is quite the same and each comes with its own challenges. Tackle those boxes one at a time and don’t neglect to unpack your emotions.)

Support from ‘Moving On’ friends...
I have to say "Greetings from the Beverly Hills of Arkansas!" I attended [the ‘Moving On’ class] last year and it was the best thing to happen to me since I moved. I didn't know a soul, didn’t have a church family, and didn’t have any women friends here. Just last week, my husband had a heart attack and I can't believe all the support I received from my [‘Moving On’] friends and new church Family. What a blessing to have these people around you!
Julie in Arkansas
(JM - Wow, Julie, that's what the ministry of Just Moved is all about! God knew that you would need friends and support in your crisis so He directed you to a church and a "Moving On" class that would be there when you REALLY needed them. Praise God!)

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