Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Moving Story

Spouse of a Navy Chaplain

God prepares the way...

In 1993, my husband left a small, rural congregation as their pastor to serve the military as a chaplain. He had been serving for several years in the reserves, but it was something that he "went off and did" and I had little understanding of the military world. He was called to active duty suddenly, and in just 2 weeks, we moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, and he was sent to Japan for 7 months. There I was in the Navy Lodge with two toddlers, and I needed to find a house to rent, get a new job, learn a new city, and figure out military life on my own! I felt like a tornado had just set down on my cozy life, but I was looking to the Lord to guide my steps and excited about the path He had planned.

I was given a tip on a house and decided to drive over and see the neighborhood and the house from the outside. It was very early in the morning, so I would not have considered calling at that hour. I found it easily, and pulled into the driveway when suddenly the door opened, and a woman emerged in a housecoat to put her trashcan by the road. I didn't want to startle her, so I waved and she came right over. We "hit it off" and talked for about 15 minutes about...well, I have NO idea what we talked about, but I just remember she was warm, kind, and enthusiastic.

Finally, she apologized because she was sure she knew me, but couldn't remember my name or what association we had. I laughed and explained that we didn't know each other...but we did have a connection...the Lord! (In the course of the conversation, we realized we were both Christians.) As it turned out, she and her husband were leaving the military so he could go to seminary.

Also, she was a Spanish teacher for a Christian school, grades K-8th grade. I had a degree in elementary education with a specialty in Spanish! Many of the teachers at the school were military wives, too, so I had a natural support group! There was even a day care so my children could be near me. It was PERFECT!

So...I moved into her home AND into her job...and she and I both marveled at God's ability to "make our paths straight."

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