Monday, February 14, 2011

Moving Tips- Feb 2011

10 tips for helping your relationships thrive....

Moving can put a lot of stress on relationships. Make a decision to keep the relationships in your life strong despite the pressures and challenges of your move. The health of your relationships will add to your physical and emotional strength and will be a gift of stability in your life and in the lives of your children. You may only feel that you can do one idea each week or each month, but that's a start!

1. Write a love letter or compose a song for that special someone!

2. Hide a special note or card in an unexpected place: the medicine cabinet, on a steering wheel, in the refrigerator, in a lunch box or brief case....

3. Give a single flower... or a bouquet!

4. Buy a guidebook for your city or region. Explore a new place together.

5. Reach out and touch. Hold a hand, rub a neck, give a hug.

6. Sign up for a dance class, cooking class, drawing class...any class that allows you to share in a new experience or an interest that you both have. The added bonus: meeting new people with the same interest.

7. Use Valentine Conversation Heart candies to spell out a message.

8. Call, text, or email to say, "I love you."

9. Give a gift toward his or her favorite hobby or passion: a new golf club, new tennis racket, new DVD, favorite food, tickets to a favorite event, etc.

10. Speaking of favorite foods... make it a mission to discover the restaurant that prepares the best of that favorite food in your community. This could take some time, but the fun in discovering new restaurants will be well worth it.

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