Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Mover's Story

December 2010

When it seems that nothing turns out right...

Sheila in Texas

As I write this email, my eyes are welled up with tears of desperation. I feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, and confused. Nothing we do turns out right. I don't understand why we are going through this. I feel God has abandoned us.

We came to Texas because my husband was out of work for eight months and got a job offer here. We left our families and home of ten years in Wisconsin. We were so glad to have a job opportunity, that I never thought this move would be so hard on me and the children.

I cry every day, and I think there is something wrong with me. Our house in Wisconsin hasn't sold and we may be facing foreclosure. My two boys are not adjusting in school. They are a mess, and my marriage is a mess, not to mention I'm a disaster! I don't know what to do and where to turn. I found your website, and for the first time feel a glimmer of hope that somebody understands me and might be able to help me get through this. I know we should be going to church. Can you recommend a good church that offers a Moving On class in my area?

(editor: Susan Miller called Sheila and encouraged her with God's word and prayed with her on the phone. She gave Sheila the name of a great church nearby and called the Moving On After Moving In group leader who quickly contacted Sheila and invited her to the study the next week. Sheila keeps in touch and shares how God is working through this crisis in her life.)

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