Monday, August 23, 2010

Class Spotlight- Aug 2010

Franklin Christian Church
4040 Murfreesboro Rd
Franklin, TN 37067
Leaders: Miranda Kokes and Laura O'Neal
We held our first Moving On Class last October 2009. As I compiled my class roster, I was in complete amazement that we had 27 women signed up for the class!! I knew that it was a "God" thing!
The class helped the women with more things in their lives than just gave them encouragement for any type of transition. Most importantly, it brought them closer to God! One of our class participants will be co-facilitating the class with me this fall!
This class blessed me personally in ways that I can hardly put into words. It strengthened my faith and proved that God gives you what you need when He calls you to do something in His name. I realized there were some "boxes" that I had not yet unpacked....and they were emotional boxes. This class helped me to grow closer to God, it improved my family life, and it provided me with some dear friends that I may have never met otherwise.
Sometimes He has to "move" us physically in order to "move" us closer to Him!

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