Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Moving Story

Dawn in Arizona

A Texan in the desert...

On March 7, 2010 I will be celebrating my one-year anniversary in Arizona. The last year has been a roller coaster that I wasn’t prepared for. I’m pleased and so thankful to say that instead of hanging on waiting for the next unexpected dip, I am finally enjoying the view. Here is my story.
My name is Dawn and I’m from Texas. In November 2008, my husband came home from a business meeting very excited about a possible role change within his company. I assumed that it would involve more travel but never guessed it would include leaving Texas. I’d moved to Texas in 1991, 7 days after graduating from college and had built a life there: friends, church, marriage, babies -- you get the picture. I fully planned on living there forever.
After the initial shock that we’d be moving to Arizona, my adventurous spirit kicked in and I started looking at houses online, interviewing schools, and planning our relocation. During this time, my mother-in-law bought me the book, After the Boxes are Unpacked by Susan Miller. I politely thanked her and put it in my travel tote. We arrived in Arizona and, for the next few months, I was buried in unpacking our house, getting my children settled in their activities, and figuring out where to grocery shop. I started reading the book and soon realized while visiting Scottsdale Bible Church that Susan Miller taught the Moving On After Moving In class there. I immediately signed up for the class and could not wait for it to begin.
Each week I walked in that class after reviewing the chapter and I listened to Susan share deep truths about Christ and how looking to Him can meet our unexpected needs after a move. I heard stories from other women who were vulnerable enough to share and it became such a safe, encouraging place. I cannot describe how incredibly encouraging this was in my life. I realized that it was okay to grieve my old community, the intimacy of my old friendships and the end of dreams I had that involved living in Texas. I learned the difference between clinging and cherishing. This class was the first thing I did in Arizona for me. I felt like I was dieting all week and once a week I received a big, rich piece of chocolate. YUM.
I’m most thankful for what attending this class did for my relationship with Christ and with my husband. Neither of them was in his rightful place in my priorities. A fresh start in Arizona has deepened my awareness of how intimately involved God is with the details of our lives. It has also reminded me how crazy in love I am with my husband and that no matter where God leads him, I will follow.
Thank you, Susan, for following God’s call to encourage women and help them navigate unexpected feelings and experiences that accompany relocating! May God greatly bless your ministry!

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