Friday, March 26, 2010

Class Spotlight- March 2010

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
Chandler, AZ
Class Leader: Vicki Tverberg
The Moving On After Moving In study has been absolutely life-changing for so many women who have participated. I have been leading the group for the past 4 years, and I still run into gals who have taken the class before, and they come up to me and say how important that class was for them! The gals in each group form a very special bond with one another, regardless of age or life stage, it seems. They have a common thread – moving – and work through some very deep and personal feelings alongside the other women in their group, so I think that helps them connect quickly. My current evening group has just met for 4 weeks now, and already they are connecting outside of class to hang out together, etc.
The class always helps gals connect with our mega church, and feel like they actually know someone among the crowd! It’s amazing how God works through the study, and really ministers to the tender hearts of each gal. They begin to feel a sense of purpose, start to memorize scripture verses, and hope in their future begins to flourish! As a leader I am always blessed by each group, and I enjoy watching the miracles that occur during our time together.
All for His Glory,
Vicki Tverberg

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