Monday, February 22, 2010

Moving Story- Feb 2010

Karen in Kansas

I assumed it would be easy...

(JM - Karen wrote in response to a phone call from a volunteer at Just Moved! after she joined the Just Moved! Community)
Thank you for your phone call today. I realized after we hung up it's God's way of answering my "Where are you?" question and "Do you hear me?" and my accusatory, "I feel like you don't hear me!" statement made over the last several days. I DO have faith that God has a plan for me - it's just not in "my" time.
As you know, it's so hard to relocate and I guess, since I lived here before, I assumed it would be easy - actually a piece of cake! Not so. I haven't "moved on" and gotten better situated after being here two years! It makes me say, "What's wrong with me?" But again, I do know that God does have a plan. Sometimes when you are in a house day in and day out and the kids have their friends and activities and your husband leaves daily and travels to exciting places and is welcomed in the office and eats out with other people, I guess you just lose sight of it.
While I am lonely and I am sad because of it, I have many, many blessings. Maybe this is just a time of intense growth. I'm not discounting the hormones and age either! So, I'll try to be patient, look to God, and wait and praise him for all the many blessings he has given me. After all, he brought me you to help me see this and let me know I'm not alone and I have someone to pray for me.
After talking to you it makes me look at it a little differently and I guess the fact that someone else is praying for me makes me feel better - more confident.

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