Saturday, September 5, 2009

Moving Tips

Steps to Smooth the Bumpy Road of Change

Perhaps you need hope and encouragement to get you through the major impact of change in a move. This is what helped me emotionally survive and understand the process of adjustment. It all began with the choice to be either open or closed to change.
The first step I had to take was to choose to let go and leave behind any encumbrances that would prevent me from starting over and moving ahead with my life. Next, I had to actually choose to start over, even if I didn’t want to! Until I accepted the reality of having to start over, I couldn’t be ready to move ahead with my life. Finally, I had to choose to move ahead. It was time to come full circle with my move, put aside my pity party, and do whatever it took to move ahead. I quickly learned that the journey after a move is one of action.
To encourage you on your journey, try these action steps to smooth the bumpy road ahead.
Stop And Smell the Flowers Along the Way
Take time to be good to yourself! Schedule some self-care by taking a break to rest, restore, and renew your mind and body.
Ask for Help
Don’t be the "lone ranger" and feel like you have to do it alone. Let others be a part of the relocation process with you.
When the Heat Is Up, Stay Cool
When stress is rising and the pressure is on, keep a sense of humor and be flexible.
It’s Okay To Cry If You Want To
With change, comes loss and grieving. Your release valve may be tears.
Rise To the Occasion
Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Embrace the changes this move brings as an opportunity to learn and grow personally.
Take One Day, One Step at A Time
Remember the saying, "Rome wasn’t built in a day!" Some days you may feel like you’ve taken two steps back and only one step forward. You can do it! Don’t lose heart and never give up!
The anchor and firm foundation in any change and transition in my life has been my relationship with Jesus Christ. His promise of hope through scripture, the assurance of His comfort, the peace that comes from trusting Him, and the knowledge that He will always be with me, has sustained me over the years in even the most difficult changes I have faced.
Never give up and never lose heart in the transitions of your life. You canbecome a "moving overcomer." I’m standing on the sidelines cheering you on every step of the way!
- Susan Miller

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