Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving Story- Jan. 2010

Stephanie in Alabama
Moving On and Moving Forward...

I first learned of [Just Moved!] after our second move in 2001 to Missouri. Since then we have lived in Arizona and currently we are living in Alabama but we are preparing for another move 200 miles [away]. I was blessed to have found your [Moving On After Moving In] class in Missouri and Arizona.
[This will be] our 5th move since summer of 2000. I've always taken the positive approach with each move and looked at it as a new adventure. I've made wonderful friends in each city and kept up with them through the years. My then teenage son had such a difficult time when we moved to Arizona, he moved with grandparents to New Mexico which is home for us. Wow, I still get emotional just typing this. We have a great relationship and talk daily.
Even though we are only moving 200 miles (the shortest move we've ever made) I'm feeling all the overwhelming emotions. Only through God have I gotten through each move and some how these emotions are lost and forgotten until the next move. I read Susan Miller’s book within weeks of knowing we'd be making another move and have viewed your website many times as well. Thank you for your insight and support through this book it's been a true blessing each time I read it.

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