Friday, December 18, 2009

S.E. Region PWOC

Military Outreach - S.E. Region Protestant Women of the Chapel ConferenceNearly 400 women representing 20 military installations attended the S.E. Region PWOC Conference in Duluth, GA, November 5-8, 2009. Susan presented three workshops: one workshop was “How To Start Over After Your Boxes Are Unpacked” and her other workshop, “How To Survive Your Circumstances and Confront The Changes in Your Life During Tough Times”, was chosen to be repeated for an extra day of workshops.

Susan was enthusiastically received and spoke to a packed room each time. When she wasn’t speaking, Susan and JoAnn Smith were at the Just Moved! Ministries exhibit table. There was a steady flow of military wives coming by to share their stories and find encouragement from Susan and JoAnn’s listening ears, warm hugs, and tender prayers.

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