Friday, November 20, 2009

A Moving Story

Rosalie in Manitoba, Canada

Still moved...

Some of us who moved away from our home area more than five years ago still have a piece of us “back home” that is hard to reconcile.

Often as “still-moved” women, our vacation money and time is spent making trips “back home”. Our aging parents may be there which tugs at our heart. Most of the extended family is “back home” and our children don’t get to have their grandparents and extended family members at their graduations, birthdays and other special holidays. It gets lonely just the four of us. Old friendships that were deep back then slip down the tubes and it is never quite the same making friends in the new locations.

There seems to be something missing from the fabric of my life as a woman, to be in what feels like a foreign land for an extended period of time. We wanted to move back “home” two years ago, but our kids were at a stage in school where they didn’t want to be separated from their friends. So we stayed. Now I feel trapped in this freezing climate, feeling like I’m living some other woman’s life. I don’t know if this will ever be home but now I fear my kids will want to stay here and that will pose a whole new problem. I’m trying to see God’s hand in all this but often it’s hard.

Of course what is prompting this email is a decision not to go home for the holidays and it will be just us four. It has been hard to plug into a new church as it doesn’t seem to be what it used to be. So I have to wonder if this truly is God’s best for us.

Thanks for listening.

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